Élan clinic evaluates each case individually and develops a personalized treatment plan intended to improve your health and wellbeing.


While children are the main focus at Élan clinic, Osteopathic manual therapy and related services can benefit adults at all stages of life. Just a few examples of areas where treatments have proven effective include:


  • Pregnancy, through prenatal, postnatal and ongoing treatment for mothers as well as children.
  • Women’s health.
  • Chronic pain and chronic pain syndromes.
  • In the workplace, treating and helping to prevent work-related injuries.
  • Post injury, treating pain, nausea, whiplash, concussion and other consequences of,accidents.
  • Post-operative pain or dysfunction.
  • Trauma, including physical and psycho-emotional distress.
  • Dysfunction of the TMJ and occlusion imbalance.
  • Headaches, migraines and post-concussion syndromes.
  • Posture and balance issues, such as postural imbalances, vertical posture and visceral entrapments.
  • Co-ordination and vital body function disorders.


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