Toy soldiers battling mice and scary things…
Barbara Schultze December 13, 2021

The scary things out there … The scary things in you … What is it that scares you enough to stop you from moving forward?

Like fairytales – our body tells the stories of our experiences, and often our body becomes a container for the fear and uncertainty that results from some of these experiences.  At times we are not fully able to put our fears into words or context and our body becomes a place where these scary feelings live, sometimes having no name or shape.

The characters in fairytales all speak a universal language – they are the archetypes – symbols of good and bad – that live in our collective unconscious, and create our reality where we try to make sense of the world we live in. When we are not able to use words to explain how we feel, our own stories and fairytales fuel our emotions, which harbour what we are afraid of, or worried about the most.

In fairytales, there is usually a hero that journeys out into the world, faces difficult problems, successfully finds a solution, and carries on with the rest of their life. But unlike these fairytales, we often find ourselves feeling lost, afraid and hopeless because we can no longer find our way to the path that would get us to the story’s ending – the part where we “live happily forever-after”.  We all face and deal with different types of fears at various times in our lives. The thing is… that fear is not necessarily a bad thing; it’s one of our built-in human survival instincts.

However, too much fear fueled by disappointment, paralyses our ability to take action, and can eventually stop us from looking for solutions. We all face different fears every day (including me). Being fearful is a scary feeling and can make us imagine all sorts of outcomes and scenarios. Sometimes the fear can be so intense to the point of inaction. Fear and disappointment is what often stops us from looking further, exploring possibilities, often because of beliefs we have created about ourselves and the world out there; fears that are based on previous experiences, disappointments, and the fear of failure.

Often our fears stop us from imagining that our lives could be different. We become acutely aware of the fear and dangers within ourselves, and our fear of the dangers in the world around us. Our beliefs about our own abilities and those who can help us are often the greatest barrier to success and alter our ability to imagine a future that is so different from where we are now.

Most successful people begin their journey toward success by imagining it— and like a fairytale, they dream about their success, begin creating goals, and then start moving toward their dreams. I suspect that the life you have created in your imagination is closer to the life you desire than what your actual, current life is. If my suspicion is accurate, then it makes sense to do what you can to start moving toward the life you have imagined for yourself.

Which path are you on?

Our bodies are reservoirs that carry our individual stories as we travel life’s path. Imbalances created along the way, eventually construct barriers to what we want to do and where we want to go. Continuing to stay on your current path only guarantees that nothing will change, and repeated failure begins to breed more fear.

What if

… there was someone who showed you a better path, who could see what others don’t see, and on this path everything you did was built on your successes?

… someone showed you how you could get from where you are now to where you want to go – by taking purposeful, well-planned steps … one at a time, in the right direction?

… someone understood how to anticipate problems, showed you where you can have the biggest impact for change, encouraged you along the way, and reduced your risk of failure?

Do you think taking this path would start melting away your doubts and fears about success, would allow you to start moving towards your goals, and start moving you in a better direction?

This unwalked path is missed by most, but with a trained and experienced guide who understands your barriers and knows the way … you CAN achieve your desired goals.

When someone knows where the path to success lies, they can show you the way.

There is a different reality out there for you. Sometimes, what appears to be a fairytale is in fact a real possibility.

Let us give wings to what you imagine your health to be. Together we can travel down a path from which creativity, dreams, empathy, understanding and problem-solving flow.

Let’s explore together – Let’s start moving towards better.