Optimum Health
Barbara Schultze November 14, 2018

At Élan Osteopathic Clinic we believe in optimum health performance.

We focus on the whole person and individual abilities. We believe that each individual has the potential to reach their personal optimum health.  To achieve this, we use a holistic approach that focuses on the whole body, not just the parts. We determine the underlying cause of pain or dysfunction instead of just treating symptoms.

Osteopathic manual therapy focuses on understanding the body’s movements and function as an integrated unit. We understand when and how to use (or not use) certain techniques to allow you to achieve optimum results that are safe and gentle for your body. Osteopathy is unique in that it integrates the various techniques into a holistic therapeutic process that is individualised for each person.

In order to fully optimize a return to health, it is critical to understand how a local area (such as the hip or shoulder) will affect the function of the body not just in that local area but also the entire body overall.  Our approach is unique in that we use a 3-dimensional functional approach to assessing and treating movement. We look at how the body moves and functions in real life.

In our clinic, we examine how distant dysfunctional areas that are critical to the body’s overall movement and health (such as the ankle, knee, hip or rib cage) can  affect other areas in the body, such as pelvic core, function of the organs, or posture.

The function of the organs and nervous system is related to the movement and biomechanics of the body and vice versa.  Biomechanics, movement and pelvic core function, affect pressure regulation in the body, which in turn affect the body’s internal environment – for example function of the digestive system.

For example, did you know that how you breathe will affect pelvic core function, function of the nervous system, visceral function, and endocrine regulation?  The diaphragm is an integrated part of pelvic core function.  Daily stress, sitting too much, or breathing problems such as asthma, will affect the pelvic core function and in turn will affect movement, posture and function of the entire body.

All parts of the body work together as a whole. The body is an integrated unit of function and is treated in this way in our clinic.

At Élan Osteopathic Clinic our goal is to help you restore all areas of movement and function in your body to allow you to return to your optimum level of health.