Let’s get moving again… resume life… GO!
Barbara Schultze November 14, 2018

Whether it’s about being able to enjoying a vacation you have planned, or just being able to do your day to day activities without worrying – is it going to hurt.

So many times, clients come into my clinic seeking help for chronic aches and pains. “I’m having trouble walking”, “my back hurts”, “my knees hurt when I walk”.  When I ask them what their goal is, very often clients will say that they just want to be able to do the things they enjoy without being in pain, or worrying that they may be in pain after doing certain activities.

Here’s how that works:

We can tailor movement therapy to your specific needs.  We start with what you can do and then gently move towards what is bothersome.  We get the body moving progressively, specifically and safely.

We tailor hands on manual therapy to your specific needs.  Individualised treatment is the key to success.

Although many people come in with similar complaints, the way they got there is unique.  Each person has their own history. We carefully assess each person and develop a treatment approach that works for you and your body.

We had this great family ski trip planned, but I had this back pain that just wouldn’t go away.  I was worried that I would be left out and have to sit and watch everyone else having fun.  After a few appointments I was able to go on that ski trip with my family. I was so happy because I was actually able to enjoy myself skiing with them and have fun without any pain during or afterwards

That’s what it’s all about – enjoying life without pain or worrying about pain.