Patient Information

Clinic Etiquette and Policies

Scent Free Environment

Élan Osteopathic Clinic is dedicated to providing a healthy environment for our clients. We can achieve this goal only through ongoing efforts. To protect sensitive individuals we ask individuals who come to the clinic to refrain from wearing scented products.

At Élan Osteopathic Clinic we promote a healthy life style and encourage you not to smoke. If you do smoke, please refrain from smoking at least two hours prior to entering the clinic.

Clinic Environment

Your cooperation to help us maintain an appropriate treatment environment is appreciated. Please keep conversation levels low when in the waiting area.

Please do not bring food or drinks into the clinic.

Cell phones must be turned off when entering the clinic. Texting and phone calls will not be permitted while in the clinic.

All children coming to the Clinic must be supervised by a parent at all times. If you are choosing to bring siblings or children to your or your child’s appointment they must remain in the treatment room with you at all times during your or your child’s treatment.

At Élan Osteopathic Clinic we attempt to maintain a clean and comfortable environment. Our floors are often used for therapy. We therefore have a strict SHOES OFF policy. All shoes must be taken off before entering the waiting area. No exceptions.

Please do not flush baby wipes or sanitary pads in the toilet. A diaper genie has been provided in the washroom for disposal of diapers and wipes. Sanitary pads can be disposed in the garbage can in the washroom.

If you make a mess in the bathroom/toilet, please clean up after yourself.

In order to maintain a safe and respectful environment for both our clients and employees, verbal abuse (either in the clinic or through email or phone), offensive language or conduct deemed inappropriate in the clinic will not be tolerated. You will be dismissed from the clinic immediately in any of these events.


Payment is accepted in the office by cash or cheque at time of treatment. Credit card payments are also accepted through Élan Osteopathic Clinic online payment system and must be made prior to the appointment time. Payments for initial appointments must be made at time of requesting the appointment.

Cancellation Policy

When scheduling an appointment, a treatment time is reserved for you. Should you need to cancel or reschedule an appointment, you are to phone the office, during our regular business hours which are Monday – Friday between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., at least 48 (business) hours prior to your appointment. With the exception of family emergencies or winter road conditions, you will be charged for your missed appointment if you do not contact the office within that time frame.

Late Arrivals

A late arrival will result in a shortened treatment billed at the cost of the originally booked appointment.


In maintaining a high standard of professionalism, receipts are only issued in the name of the person receiving the treatment and cannot be post-or back-dated. With the exception of HANDLE® Screenings, all receipts are currently issued either under a massage therapy (MTAS) licence or Osteopathic licence (SAO and OAO).