Battling the dragon in your mind
Barbara Schultze December 8, 2021

Dragon myths exist in almost every culture and tell stories of these violent and vile temper creatures living in the depths of the unknown.  These ancient mythological creatures have been said to use wicked persuasiveness, and are often seen at the final battle, protecting the ultimate guarded vast treasures, while instilling fear in any human that dares to attempt to come near.

Through our own living experiences, we have collected our own stories, created our own schematics that answer an ongoing question … “Am I Safe?”.  It is in these stories, along the dark edges of reality, that our own dragon exists deep within our mind.

There is a very old and primitive part of our brain that regulates survival mechanisms and is primarily reflex driven.  Our own dragon lives in the depths of this ancient part of our brain, and it is in these deep unknown caverns where the sense of fear resides – and is ultimately what can cripple us, coming between us and the treasures of life.

The voice of fear – can be unspeakably vile and abusive, self criticizing, and has the capacity to torch any confidence we may ever have had, preventing us from reaching our desires and goals.

Dragons exist – they are the unknown, the metaphor for the darkest most destructive part of ourselves, representing fear itself.

As we create our protective psychological constructs, we attempt to create a safe distance between ourselves and the possible encounter of the dragon living on the outer edge, where possibilities and destruction collide.

However, when you change your perception, path, and actions, you have an opportunity to change your reality, and through this, slay the dragon.

Understanding your story or your experiences and recognizing what it is that is holding you back, can create an opportunity to change how you do what you do, and remove the perceived obstacles and dangers that are both inside of you, and the world around you. When you find the path, you will then finally be able to obtain the treasure you so desire to live your life to its fullest capacity, and you no longer fear the encounter with the dragon. When you experience progress, success, and an ability to reach your goals, you will realize that you can move towards things that are important to you.

The archetype of the dragon in your mind does not need to be part of your life. When you understand what is holding you back, you can start moving towards your own goals and aspirations… moving towards better.

Physical and emotional healing happens when you step away from your fears and experiences and realize that your body is your solution.

You have the ability to slay the dragon. What is holding you back?

What is your dragon?

The fact that you are here, tells me that you are looking for some help. Let’s find the solution that will show you the path to progressing to better.

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